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There are doors that best remain unopened. After "Stardust" Neil Gaimans stirring children's book bestseller "Coraline" has been brought onto the silver screen. Director Henry Selik who already created the stop-motion masterpiece "Nightmare Before Christmas" stands behind the first 3D stop-motion animated film that showcases the magical experience of little Coraline Jones.


A better world, a nicer life. That's exactly what Coraline has always been dreaming of: no father who mostly wants to be left alone, no mother that hardly ever has time for her, and please, please - no bubbles in the shower. What would she give for a bit more luxury, excitement and fun? And who would have thought that all that awaits her in their new home behind a hidden door?

The door leads Coraline directly to a somewhat different, more spectacular verison of her own life. Here all colours glow vividly, there's pizza, hot dogs, and cream muffins on the lunch table and, except for the rather peculiar black buttons on their eyes these other parents are way more amusing copies of her original mother and father. Here everyday life seems to be a never-ending circus show -  but when her other mother tries to keep her in this parallel home forever, the deathless fun turns into dead seriousness. To rescue herself, her true parents, and to free a bunch of other kids from their imprisonment in this other world Coraline needs all her courage and a little help from her neighbour and a speaking black cat.


An unrivalled adventure about the dreams of a young girl and the challenges she has to face in a dangerous realm of temptations. Magical entertainment in all three fantastical dimensions - "Coraline".

Fr, 27.5.2011 – 15:00 Uhr
So, 29.5.2011 – 17:30 Uhr
In the Schauburg cinema