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From May 27th until may 29th Karlsruhe will be home to the world’s first international 3D-festival.

Besides revealing the latest productions and trends of stereoscopic film in cinema and television as well as 3D-gaming, beyond showcases innovations in the field of space-projecting media, artistic installations and performances. In connection with acoustic projections, space becomes tangible for all our senses.

In 3 DAYS OF DIMENSIONS, the festival will present the history of stereoscopic techniques and their potential of display. Additionally, 360° projections, holographic and laser technology are a part of the festival’s rich spectrum whose objective is to bring together technology, disciplines, and human beings in an equal measure.In addition visitors can gather information on current developments in the realm of consumer devices and marvel at what the future has in store for the entertainment, engineering, and education cosmos.

BEYOND reveals a future that has already begun!