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Friday, 27 May

10:00 | ZKM Karlsruhe

3D symposium in the ZKM | Media Theater

12:15 | ZKM Karlsruhe

The 3D Lake - The documentary film THE 3D LAKE shows the ecology of an urban lake in the city of Campo Grande in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Adjacent speech by Hélio  A. G. Souza. (6 Min.) 

13:00 | ZKM Karlsruhe

Citrullus Lanatus - A watermelon escapes from its owner in order to roll around the town.
Unfortunatelly town streets are not too kind on watermelons. (3 min.)

Mobile - A big fat cow hangs on the side of a mobile - lonesome and alone. How lucky mouse, dog, pig, chickens, and sheep are. They're together - but only on the other side of the mobile. (7 min.)

Only Human - A man wakes up in a city full of humans. Nothing uncommon, but in this city he ONLY sees humans. (1 min.)

Aussicht - Animation film by Paul Stall. (3 min.)

Tekkno - TEKKNO" by the German progressive/post-rock band "Pennyfly Suitcase" ist one of the first 3D music video experiments. (5 min.)

Réminiscence - XXIth century, a young man rediscovers a photographic laboratory forgotten by his ancestors. (6 min.)

T-Bot - (3D Stopmotion) T-Bot is a artificial intelligence robot, designed in a small workshop by a curious inventor. It is programmed to learn everything it experienced and copy. (12 Min.)

Topper gibt nicht auf – About an aging action hero and filmmaking at a film school by director Félix Koch. (15 min.)

15:00 | ZKM Karlsruhe

Made in Baden-Württemberg:
The Eye - 3D and Threesome by director Nikolai Vialkowitsch from Karlsruhe

ZKM | Media Theater

15:00 | Schauburg Kino

Coraline - bizarre Stop-Motion animated film by innovative "Nightmare Before Christmas"-director based on the same-titled book by Neil Gaiman (author of "Stardust").

16:30 | ZKM Karlsruhe

Future Archaelogy (20 min.) and Nuclear Voyage (11 min.) by Armin Linke –
Short film in the ZKM | Media Theater

17:30 | ZKM Karlsruhe

Fanta4 3D - Concert clips of 'Die Fantastischen Vier'  in stereoscopic 3D - adjacent speech of the director Josef Kluger 

19:00 | Schauburg Kino

Tangled - in the original English Version

20:00 | ZKM Karlsruhe

3D meets Art meets Engineering meets Education meets Innovation! Opening of the first international 3D festival BEYOND – 3 DAYS OF DIMENSIONS in Karlsruhe with a get together of representatives from the economy, culture, research, art and politics. The evening starts with the internationally awarded video-performance 'SAVE' by Kilian Kretschmer and an innovative 3D-LIVE-Shooting of 'OBSERVATION II' (Work in progress) by Yvette Pistor. With friendly support from the MfG (Film Funding Baden-Württemberg). Dr. Susanne Asche (Cultural Bureau Karlsruhe), Gabriele Röthemeyer (MfG Film Funding BW) and members of the Karlsruhe 3D Alliance will be present.
In the ZKM | Foyer.

Invited guests only.

Saturday, 28 May

10:00 | ZKM Karlsruhe

The History of 3D – Lecture with Stefan Drössler, Head of the Film Museum Munich; followed by a guided tour through the History of 3D – exhibition

13:00 | ZKM Karlsruhe

Dial M for Murder 

The classic by director Alfred Hitchcock in 3D

15:30 | ZKM Karlsruhe

Abenteuer Weltreise – World Premiere of a fascinating
3D documentation filmed at some of the most beautiful places on this planet.

rescheduled from 16.00P.M.

16:00 | Schauburg Kino

Inferno - The millionaire Carson breaks his leg while on vacation and gets left behind in the desert by his wife and colleague - a dark, fascinating story of survival.

18:00 | ZKM Karlsruhe


BEYOND meets the oldest known pictorial creations
Screening of the documentary masterpiece The Cave of Forgotten Dreams by star director Werner Herzog in breathtaking 3D quality.
Adjacent discussion with Prof. Peter Weibel, Prof. Dr. Peter Sloterdijk, Dr. Christoph Hauser & Prof. Ludger Pfanz on the topic of Origin and Future of Visual Art

in the ZKM | Media Theater | only for invited guests

21:00 | ZKM Karlsruhe


under the direction of the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics

21:00 | ZKM Karlsruhe

»You&Kraut-isms« - Perfomance of the band Krautfass 3000 with artist Boris Petrovsky and the visitors as user.

21:15 | Schauburg Kino

Cave of Forgotten Dreams - Star director Werner Herzog leads the viewer into the mysterious world of the Chauvet caves and their world famous cave drawings.


Shown in the original English version.

Sunday, 29 May

10:00 | ZKM Karlsruhe

3D International: One Night At The Circus
3D film with fascinating pictures of the International Circus Festival in Massy, France

12:30 | ZKM Karlsruhe

Animals United

Children's and youth 3D film by directors Reinhard Kloos and Holger Tappe

15:00 | Schauburg Kino

Giselle 3D - GISELLE is the worldwide first ballet in 3D. The romantic ballet in two acts tells the story of the farmer girl Giselle, whose everlasting love for the faithless Prince Albrecht lasts on even after death.

15:30 | ZKM Karlsruhe


Dance film about Pina Bausch with the ensemble of the Dancetheatre Wuppertal by star director Wim Wenders

18:30 | ZKM Karlsruhe


3D documentary on the rapid development of Thailand's capital Bangkok by Richard Thes and Gerrit Mannes.

20:15 | ZKM Karlsruhe

Resident Evil 4 – 3D

Fourth part of the well-known SciFi-Horror-Fantasy-Saga by director Paul W.S. Anderson