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Bureau of Culture Karlsruhe

The Bureau of Culture Karlsruhe is the central subsidy and consulting agency for institutional and autonomous cultural centers, cultural protagonists, cultural clubs, as well as for the city's artists. Additionally, it develops concepts and plans events, most of which are realised in cooperation with other culture bearers. We see ourselves as a service provider, moderator, initiator and networker.


ARTE is a European cultural channel that addresses all curious, cosmopolitan citizens in Europe, especially in France and Germany.

SWR Studio Karlsruhe

We're 3D, too – Tridimensional
Television – Radio – Internet


Digital Cinema Mastering

brings content to the digital cinema, with a fast workflow, competent and friendly consulting, and long lasting experience in cinema.

Sony Deutschland

Sony stands for innovative products for Consumer Electronics and Information Technology. These products distinguish themselves not only through excellent technical quality, but also through an extraordinary design.

Georg Fricker Stiftung

Two years after the passing away of Georg Fricker, former owner of the Schauburg Cinema in Karlsruhe, the "Georg Fricker Trust" was set up (June 2010). In his lifetime the cineaste spent his entire fortune on making art and culture accessible to a broad public through the medium of film. The purpose of the trust is to advance film culture.


The Schauburg

During the 3D festival BEYOND, Karlsruhe's renowned movie theater will be unveiling itself as a mecca of 3D movies. 3D remakes of selected works by directors from Alfred Hitchcock to David Lynch will be on show.


The Filmpalast near the ZKM – anything but your ordinary cinema. With nearly 3,000 seats, ten silver screens, and a broad foyer with four restaurants and bars, this cinema has it in it to offer each visitor the best in leisure and entertainment.


MEGAFORCE is a leading service provider for stages and any kind of special design.

MFG Filmförderung

The MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg sees itself as a competence and consulting centre for the realm of film and cinema in Baden-Württemberg. It supports culturally outstanding film productions for cinema and television.

MMC Independent

The MMC Independent Film Cologne is a service provider for studio rental as well as for backdrop and decorative constructions for cinema, television and advertisement projects. Furthermore the MMC is participates financially and content-wise in national and international feature film productions as a coproducer.


EUNIQUE 2011 – arts & crafts

With over 350 exhibitors EUNIQUE 2011 – arts & crafts is the largest trade fair for applied arts and design in Germany. It is the wonderful answer to the growing public interest in individual products, unique design, and handmade limited-lot production. Whoever strolls through the elegant ambience of Karlsruhe's trade fair center during the EUNIQUE 2011 – art & crafts is guaranteed to make a lot of discoveries!


Filmboard Karlsruhe

The Filmboard Karlsruhe e. V. wants to network anyone working with film in the region of Karlsruhe. An additional aspiration is to create new networks with the film and television industry of Baden-Württemberg and of all of Germany.



PXNG.LI – Network for Media Art & Design

Provides solutions for the following areas amongst others: digital media art - stagedesign - process based graphics - animation -  interaction & interface design - realtime applications - print – game development.

Visenso GmbH

The VISENSO GmbH Stuttgart is one of the leading providers for visualisation and Virtual Reality (VR) software and turn-key solutions (software and hardware). The company was founded by Dr. Andreas Wierse and Martin Zimmermann in 2001 and develops tools for the construction of interactive experience worlds as simulations of  aerodynamics and architecture  or crash simulations. Here, the visualisation and VR software COVISE provides the basis to generate demonstrative 3D models with interaction possibilities for the viewer out of complex data structures and procedures within few seconds.

Contexts-Relationen GmbH

We are concerned with conceptual presentations of scientific contents in the fields of natural and cultural evolution. Our goal is the transfer of scientific as well as relevant sociocultural issues to a broader public. Our work is backed up by our activities in history-based scientific matters, as can be seen in http://ejournal.uvka.de/spatialconcepts/
Further details you can obtain under www.contexts-relationen.de
Contact: info@contexts-relationen.de

rent4event GmbH

The Schwetzinger company rent4event GmbH has specialised itself in renting out and distributing professional event technology. The innovative enterprise, which is lead by its owners, has developed from a simple leasing firm into a creative, solution oriented service provider whose services offer everything an organiser can ask for, all the way from conceptual consultation up to the technical realisation. A exceptional highlight of the firm is the "EYELINER" projection system, which allows a melding of virtual and real worlds on stage.


Baden TV

BadenTV is a new regional channel for the regions of Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Baden-Baden, Rastatt, Enzkreis and beyond. Broadcasting is planned to start on May 1st 2011.

Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL)

At the Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL) in the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) three-dimensional simulations are undertaken in the areas of medicine, meteorology and energy. The applications where mathematics is used to solve problems of high impact for society reach from the simulation of human respiration, over tropical cyclones up to energy-efficient computers, delivering fascinating insights and new solutions. For solving such problems, the scientists are working on the world fastest computers that are delivering an unthinkable huge amount of numbers and 3D-data: Striving for comprehensible and fascinating representations of this flood of information, technology and society are meeting in dialog.


TRIDELITY AG is a leading developer and producer of autostereoscopic 3D displays providing a high-quality 3D experience without glasses. Furthermore TRIDELITY offers a wide range of related technologies and services.
TRIDELITY has been pioneering the development of this cutting-edge technology for years offering highest quality 3D solutions. As a developer and manufacturer of glasses-free 3D displays, TRIDELITY provides a broad hardware range of solutions for single viewer and multi viewer purpose with unprecedented viewing comfort, exceptional 3D depth and the highest resolution in the industry. Our portfolio includes autostereoscopic 3D displays (both in landscape and portrait formats) ranging from 26 to 65 inches and a wide range of related software solutions.

Virtual Dimension Center

The Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) was founded 2002 as a non-profit-entity for cluster management and technology transfer in the field of virtual reality. It's 70+ members are system suppliers, users, research centers and educational institutions. The mission of VDC is the proliferation and developmet of methods and technologies in the field. To achieve its goal the VDC initiates projects, organises working groups, accumulates relevant information and inquires, and arranges events in and outside it's accomodations.


Medilive - Invistra

MediLive realises successfully 3D productions since 1994. Our experience ranges from video- and live recording to mixing and presentation techniques. With our 3D department Invistra we develop stereoscopic hard- and software, like the multiplexer A100 and an applet software which makes high quality 3D online viewing possible. www.medilive.de


JCDecaux Deutschland has been a partner of Karlsruhe since 1991. In a cooperative effort with the city of Karlsruhe an exclusive Litfaß pillar design with special roofing was created which add to the exceptional cityscape of Karlsruhe.


Since 1999 "DiMedi" stands for Digital Media and Display Systems, one of southern Germany's most versatile providers for oversize prints, mobile trade fair stands, and advertising technology.

NINO Druck

NINO Druck in Neustadt by the Weinstrasse offers custom-made solutions and the highest quality in all areas of offset and digital printing.


Papyrus see itself as the leading provider in graphic paper wholesale. To live up to this claim Papyrus makes use of the newest technologies.