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Tangled (2010) English Original Version

The 50th Disney animated film is an amusing adventure that adds a bouncing portion of action and slapstick to the proven Disney formula.

Rapunzel has been living in a tower for her whole life - nearly 18 years. Her mother Gothel warns her that the outside world is far too gruesome for her. But Rapunzel wants to travel to the place where every year in her birthday night glowing lights appear like stars, no matter what it takes. By chance a possiblilty arises one day prior to her 18th birthday, when the wanted thief Flynn flees into her tower room. She overpowers him, enchains him with her over 20 meter long blonde hair and blackmails him to lead her there.



The Brothers Grimm tale serves the makers of Disney Animation merely as a hook for an equally amusing and surprisingly action-packed adventure, in which the heart plays an important role of course. The film melts rapid modern elements and impressive 3D experiences with classical Disney motives on the visual and content level. Both protagonists are charming, their step-mother is charismatic (and has an outstanding singing performance with "Mother Knows Best") and the sidekicks are inventive. Guaranteed fun for girls and boys of all ages.

Direction: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard
Screenplay: Don Fogelman
Music: Alan Menken, Glenn Slater
Cut: Timothy M. Mertens
Genre: Animation/Comedy/Family/Phantasy/Musical/Romance
Running Time: 100 Minutes

Fr, 27.5.2011 – 19:00 Uhr
In the Schauburg cinema