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The first 3D documentary produced in Germany showcases the world's most efficient optical telescope and the people that work with it. The "Very Large Telescope" of the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (ESO) is one ot the most fascinating scientifical devices ever built and is located at one of the most exciting placed our planet has to offer: the Atacama desert in North Chile.

73 The film accompanies the young astronomer Jochen Liske from the ESO center near Munich on his journey to the Cerro Paranal. Right in the middle of the red, unearthlike Atacama desert mountains, nearly 3,000 meters above sea level, 120 kilometers far from the next human habitation there is an unbelievable, silvery glistening high-tech outpost full of James Bond-like qualities (in fact, the observation on the Cerro Paranal was used as a motive for the latest James Bond production!).


Together with Jochen Liske we meet the people that live and work there. From a road tanker driver, who transports 27,000 liters of water on top of the Cerro Paranal everyday, all the way to a worldwide acknowledged specialist for research on black holes.


THE EYE 3D is a journey: into the Atacama desert and from thereon into the depths of the universe.

Fr, 27.5.2011 – 15:00 Uhr
In the ZKM Media Theater