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A 3D documentary by Richard Thes and Gerrit Mannes.

World Premiere

Thailand's capitol has rapidly developed itself within the last 15 years from the "City of Angels" to the "Asian Tiger". Thirteen million people live in the metropolitan area Bangkok. A few of these come across us in the documentary "Bangkok".

Through exhilarating images a Thai-boxer, DJs, taxi drivers, cooks, and a fire-breathing street artist present their city. The film takes the spectator for a ride through the pulsating heart of the Asian megacity and its surroundings. Where else can you find an old military jet right next to a six lane motorway? How do Buddhists manage to pray beside a main artery? And how do the shrimps taste at a Floating Market? Through the three-dimensionality of the images the viewer attains the feeling he is right in the middle of the sites where this fascinating documentary takes place.


So, 29.5.2011 – 18:30 Uhr
In the ZKM Media Theater
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