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Animals United

The animals in the African savanna are asking themselves: Why isn't there any water there yet? It should have come flooding down a gorge from the far mountains a long time ago. Their thirst is growing along with their worries, especially since the last small waterhole is being warded off by ferocious buffalos and rhinos.


The courageous meerkat Billy and the peaceful lion Socrates take on a journey in order to find water. They thereby meet the gallic hen Charles, who lead a polar bear, a kangaroo, a tasmanian devil and two Galapagos turtles to Africa. They had to flee from their destroyed home regions and hope for a better life in the Okavango delta.

Unfortunately, the humans didn't bother to spare this last paradise either: the hotelier Smith has built a huge dam and wastes all water for a luxury hotel. Of all places, politicians are meeting here to discuss the issue of environmental protection. The animals choose to answer this challenge with their own conference: The white elephant cow Angie appeals to everything that can run, fly, trample, or crawl to defend themselves. That is the start of a turbulent offensive filled with beastly tricks.

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So, 29.5.2011 – 12:30 Uhr
In the ZKM Media Theater